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11.11.2010 – Kazakhstan is interested in deepening cooperation with the Islamic world as reported by the MIA Print E-mail
Bagdat Amreyev, Special Envoy of the Secretary of State – Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, handed in a message of the head of the foreign policy agency to Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, General Secretary of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), which says Kazakhstan is confirmed to be interested in deepening cooperation with the Islamic world in different sectors as reported by the Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
“As a moderator of the OIC political, economic and cultural activity Kazakhstan will focus on effective resolving urgent problems of the Islamic community, consolidating potential of the Organization to strengthen international security and economic ties as well as promoting dialogue among civilizations,” the message widespread on Thursday said.
Kazakhstan is intended to continue within the OIC the practice of dynamic and comprehensive chairmanship in the OSCE.
In its turn the OIC General Secretary welcomed the Republiń attention to mutual cooperation. He confirmed the decisiveness of the Organization member states to support Kazakhstan and its initiatives as a chairman of the 38th Ministerial Council of the OIC countries.
“Ihsanoglu emphasized his belief in successful leadership of Kazakhstan which is based on advantageous international diplomacy of President Nursultan Nazarbayev of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the message disclosed.

Source: IA Novosti-Kazakhstan

10.11.2010 – While being a Chair of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Kazakhstan will thrive to develop a dialogue between the West and the Islamic World, said the President of the Republic, Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev. Print E-mail
“We are facing two most important challenges. The first is to learn how to withstand religious fundamentalism as a political ideology without demonization of the Islam as a religion. The second challenge is to establish an open and honest dialogue between the Western and the Moslem worlds. Chairmanship of Kazakhstan in the Organization of the Islamic Conference will serve to these noble goals” said Mr. Nazarbayev in the interview to Euronews.
Kazakhstan will chair OIC in 2010, and in the current year the Republic is chairing in OSCE.
The President noted that during independence Kazakhstan has accumulated a unique experience of peaceful and tolerant coexistence of vast variety of ethnicities and confessions. “Such obvious advantage turns our country into one of the most convenient sites for (establishing) a dialogue of West and East, Europe and the Moslem world” – believes Mr. Nazarbayev.
“To execute chairing, intermediary functions, quite often all participants of any process select those whose impartiality is obvious to all of them. That’s why our foreign partners consider Kazakhstan as an ideal nominee for chairing in Asian and European institutions, as it was the case with CICA and OSCE, and in next year will be in OIC” – said Mr.Nazarbayev.
Moreover, added the Head of the State, Astana has a sound experience of such work accumulated over the course of convocation of three conferences of leaders of global and traditional religions.
Mr.Nazarbayev believes that one the most important problem of the global policy is still the difficulties in relations of the Moslem world and the rest of the world. Complexities of communication are seen in mutual suspicions, counteraccusations in expansion – both political and ideological.
“And eventually all these lead to military and political conflicts. In the eyes of the Western community the Moslem world is primarily associated with its radical part and causes a fear. The most important would be through understanding the causes to propose realistic ways to overcome these difficulties” – emphasized Mr. Nazarbayev.

Source: IA Novosti-Kazakhstan

2.11.2010 - This year Kazakhstan will celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice - Kurban Ait on November 16. This day is announced to be a holiday in the Republic. Print E-mail
Kurban Ait in Arabic is a feast of sacrifice. Kurban in Arabic means “approach”, i.e. approach to Allah through spiritual purification and commitment of good deeds.  Kurban Ait lasts three days, and at this time, Muslims sacrifice one of the animals: sheep, cow, he-sheep or camel.  It is believed that those who performed Kurban Shalu (sacrifice) ensured well being to the family. The most important day of Kurban Ait for Muslims is the first day. On this day Ait-namaz is prayed in mosques, it is the first day when religious people try to congratulate each other and to invite at a generously laid dastarkhan. The Muslims believe that during the days of Ait they should try to be in a good mood, to be gracious and forgiving. It is considered correct if quarrelled people can forgive each other and make peace. Visit of patients and, possibly, help the needy, orphans and widows, let them feel the holiday spirit are also in the list of good deeds, which they can make these days and get sauab (holy reward) for it.  SOURCE: IA News-Kazakhstan
2.11.2010 - on Tuesday Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Industry and New Technologies of Kazakhstan Asset Issekeshev made a formal statement on holding of the Seventh World Islamic Economic Forum in June 2011 in Astana. Print E-mail
“On behalf of the government of Kazakhstan I would like to officially announce the date of the forum: June 7-9, 2011” – Issekeshev said at the press conference in the Kazakh capital.  He explained that traditions of “Islamic Davos”, as the World Islamic Economic Forum is called, require a formal announcement of its date and venue by the host government.  “We hope that the forum will contribute to expansion of relations of Kazakhstan with the countries of the Islamic world” – Vice Prime Minister – the head of the MINT RK said.   


25.10.2010 – Islam – Religion of Peace, not Terror Print E-mail
There are several reasons for negative attitude to Islam
In recent years, Islam in Western countries increasingly emerging at the centre of religious disagreements. Europeans perceive one of the most ancient religions as a source of violence.
Special envoy of US President on establishment of a dialogue with the Islamic world Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, who is also the author of the acclaimed project of construction of the Islamic centre in New York, knows this firsthand. However, he explains that Islam is a religion of peace. “But at the same time, there are a number of reasons, mainly political, as well as the perception formed by the press, which created a potion, because of which the world looks at Islam from this angle” - the Imam said during the interview with the newspaper “Liter”.
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