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ImageAfter end of work of I Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions in the Palace of receptions - « Saltanat Saraiy » September, 24 2003ã. at 14.30 the column of buses with delegates and participants has approached on the area at monument "Baiterek". To the same place approached cortege of the President of Republic of Kazakhstan  N.Nazarbaev.

The place of prayer - area near the "Baiterek" monument was chosen not casually. «Baiterek» for the Kazakhstana and its capital is the same symbol, as, for example, Red Square in Moscow or Statue of Liberty in New York. This construction has incorporated philosophical, political and historical sense. The ancient poetic myth says, that at the top "Koktube", on a coast of huge ocean the tree of life Baiterek is growing. Every year in crone of Baiterek sacred bird Samruk laid a golden egg - "the sun", every year the dragon eats "the sun", but it appears again. It symbolically means the change of day and night, a summer and winter, struggle of goods and evil, light and darkness. The legend of a sacred tree as well as possible reflects ideals of the renovated Kazakhstan, aspiring to live in peace.

At bottom of monument "Baiterek" in equal distance were established 17 jurts. If it would be possible to draw a hidden string from every jurt to "Baiterek" than from height of the bird's flight this composition could look as "sun" as a symbol of the common aspiration to a unification.

Under the script of work of Congress in jurts the ceremony of divine service of representatives of all faiths was planned. It passed within one hour. It was the unique prayer. It is necessary to note, that before preparation of Congress representatives Anglican and Russian orthodox churches expressed doubt in an acceptability of variant of offering up a prayer in jurts. However, the prayer for the world and well-being on all ground which has sounded in all languages of the world in the centre of Kazakhstan, in the centre of Eurasia, has gone right.

Near every yurt the special indicating tablet was established, indicating to what delegation intends jurt is given, and the appropriate furniture inside of jurt was beforehand prepared.

So, for delegation of Moslems jurt was provided with zhainamaz, the Koran; for Jew - the Tor. At Christians - the Bible and a cross, at Buddhists jurt - figurine Buddha and the lit candles.

After end of a ceremony of divine service the President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbaev has visited jurts, welcoming all delegates and heads of faiths, talked to them

At 15.00 the President of Kazakhstan has invited leaders of delegations to pass on the top circle of a viewing platform of monument "Baiterk".

On a viewing platform of monument "Baiterk" ceremony of signing by heads of religions and faiths of the historical document was held. This document - an original cloth from a tree where words in the Kazakh and Russian languages were cut: « Let have Kazakhstan  - the ground of the world and the harmony be blessed ».

The President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbaev has thanked representatives of all religions who have left the signatures on blessing of Kazakhstan, its people and new capital. The Head of Kazakhstan has noted, « on this place in hundred meters in height all our visitors rising, here come a newly-married couples. Your signatures are a symbol, which will forever be entered in a history of our country and our capital. Let your prayers and signatures will reach the Founder. I too want to have a hand together with you ».

At this time at bottom of monument "Baiterek" in a circle of representatives of Buddhists, Catholics, Krishnaists, Franciscans, Lutherans and many other faiths was the spouse of the Head of the state.

 S.A.Nazarbaeva. As is well known, the first lady of Kazakhstan welcomes variety of religions and faiths, is interested in religious - philosophical doctrines of different peoplesThere were lively conversations, discussions.   All exchanged impressions, shared plans for the future. In holding exchanges of opinions father Serrini, the assistant to the chief negotiator, former minister general (OFM ñonv.). Àññèçè and mister Bzhahti Brinda Chuvinda Svain, the member of the international society of consciousness of Krishna, founder Ochajro, have highly estimated efforts of President N.Nazarbaev on adjustment of open dialogue. Visitors have noted, that this conference has brought in the huge contribution to business of an establishment of world peace and have emphasized, that Kazakhstan on an own example shows an opportunity of peaceful co-existence, mutual enrichment of different faiths, cultures, traditions. In discussions, conversations, handshakes, smiles within these days for certain were the most important result of this unique event - Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions.  It is possible to assume, that Congress will be of great importance for all modern newest history, renders in due course the big influence on all our life. Leaders and members of all delegations, guests of honour have gathered on the area at a tribune of monument "Baiterek". After that the finishing part of a meeting of leaders of world and traditional religions was held. The President of the Republic of Kazakhstans N.Nazarbaev and leaders of religions have made final speeches at monument "Baiterek".

N.Nazarbaev: Dear participants of Congress, our dear visitors!

We now are at bottom of monument "Baiterk" becoming the card of our new capital of Astana and good symbol of renowating for all our people. Under our legends, "Baiterek" is sacred tree of life, eternity, continuity of generations. These upwards lasting branches symbolize different peoples, the nations, the religions holding globe. Therefore "Baiterek" is a unity of peoples, cultures and religions. Our visitor from India has told, that the sphere personifies an egg, and the egg is a life, and the sphere is a unification of all religions. These days we with you have done huge work for growth of trust between religions, peoples and the nations of a planet. During Congress we have heard positive ideas and the desires, driving people of the different countries and continents. We thank all of you for sincerity and desire of a true unification of all of us - people of a Earth planet. We are open for your wise words; we are ready to an exchange of opinions in a name of the world and understanding on the Earth. I am sure, that we shall make such meetings traditional, we shall continue our dialogue. We today with you have agreed upon it and with you we shall search further for the common mutually acceptable ways of the peace and stability.

Our meeting under the canopy of "Baiterek" itself is a bright figurative appeal to peaceful co-existence, cooperation to the peace without wars and violence in a name of calmness and stability, happiness, prosperity of peoples of our countries in this eternal life. In these jurts, which are located around "Baiterek", we have organized temples for all religions, and you have made there the prayers. The prayer made here, outside of any doubts, opens a way to other validity and other image of actions, allocates each of us with ability to reconsider the acts and thoughts. I believe, that this common prayer will strengthen aspiration to the peace, creation in the countries, religious communities which representatives participate in or mentally join this pray.

 For people of Kazakhstan the fact of this prayer on our ground in our new capital is gift and blessing of heavens, serves as one more stimulus for new good deeds.

The peace and prosperity to you! Happiness and mutual understanding, may the God help you with all your thoughts and undertakings! I thank you all!

For the blessed word let to ask to speak for statement to Sheikh Muhammadu Al' Tantaui.

The sheikh and Supreme imam of  University Al'-Azhar Muhammad Said Tantaui: 

In a name of Allah mercy and merciful!

I thank and once again I thank dear mister President. I express gratitude to the state of Kazakhstan, I thank the Government and people of Kazakhstan for realization of this Congress which was aimed at that world religions which were granted from above, called for a brotherhood, cooperation and tolerance, and also to that everyone has received a measure on its actions.

And at will divine during our following visit we shall see all these buildings constructed. Also it is all that we wish all mankind that in the world were distributed the world, safety and well-being. Once again I express gratitude. The peace to you, favour and the blessings from Allah, thank you.

The President has let have the floor to metropolitan Emmanuelju.  metropolitan Emmanuelju:  Mister President, thank you very much.  I want to say, that you have made impossible. You have created Astana - capital of the country, but today Astana is also the capital of all our religions. Today here have gathered practically all religions which I know, only the God knows, how many they exist worldwide, but today we have gathered here.

We today here in this city, and two days worked at conference and by that have shown a vivid example of that cooperation which should be in the world. And the country of Kazakhstan shows us an example of coexistence of peoples and religions. I want to give due to you and also to all people, which took part in the organization of this conference. This conference was postponed in our hearts and in our minds. And seeing all these buildings which now are under construction, I think, that we too have brought in the small contribution and each of us has brought the symbolical stone. But it not a stone to throw, but the stone to put in construction.

And today we gathered here to change our life, but it will take very long time because it cannot be changed for once. To change our entire world, we should begin from that we should change our own life.

Mister  President we always shall be near to you so, that to successfully  continue process which we have begun today these days in Astana. And also, that prospered your region , the country of Kazakhstans, that once again to show, that the person divides, and the God connects.

N.Nazarbaev: the word was asked by head rabbi of Israel mister Metsger. 

Yona Metzger: Dear President, dear leaders of the world religions, dear visitors!  In these days in which we have got acquainted with your beautiful country, new capital that you build, I was convinced of deep symbolism of a monument at bottom of which we are with you. God has created the world so that we live in it in peace well being.  Dear President, you have proved to all world, that you promote the mission executed by God to connect various people of different religions. Each of us  here of religious leaders, has applied a palm on this conditional palm there, at top "Baiterek".  It is the additional symbol, as two hands is much more strongly, than one, especially, when two hands shake each other. I want to tell to Kazakhstan people - this is your leader.  I bless you from all Jewish people. That God accompanied in all your undertakings for the blessing of your country, of all your management. Allow me to assign hands to your head according to the Jewish traditions and to bless you.

N.Nazarbaev: I think, that we have carried out significant historical days in life of all peoples. For the first time in a history here, in the young state, in young capital could gather leaders of all great traditional religions of our planet. You have accepted the Declaration of exclusive importance and the great contents. You have called all people of the world who clash, shed blood, to the peace, tolerance and dialogue.  You have decided to make this Forum a constant, have created its Secretariat and have desired, that Kazakhstan became the initiator and the organizer of the following Congress. We shall use our best efforts to bring in the modest contribution to a cause of peace and the consent to our planet. 

I thank you all and I do not tell you "farwell", but I tell - "good-bye". Because I am sure, that we shall meet, and you will not forget Astana. Tell the parishioners and peoples about us, about that conversation which has taken place here. 

On behalf of people of my country I wish you well-being, a sound health, prosperity to your states and peoples. Have a safe journey! Good homecoming to you! With my kindness wishes!

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