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Statement of President of the State of Israel, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Shimon Peres Shimon Peres Print E-mail
Your Excellency, President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, religious leaders!

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this important event, which aims to build a better world: a world of justice, peace of brotherhood and peace of concord.

Your decision to initiate interreligious dialogue in your country can serve as an example for the rest of the world, the world, a part of which seems to have forgotten that we all believe in one God who created the man in His own image and likeness, and commanded the man to sanctify life, to perform a covenant of peace and to follow the straight path of the good.

While the followers of monotheistic and humanistic religions - Christians, Muslims and Jews believed for all times that there was only one God for all, the compassionating merciful and just God.

It should be noted that this is perverted course and discredit the God. This is not a religion, but a crime, a crime against the God and the man.

We need to separate religion from terror.

To do so, all believers should exert joint efforts regardless of their faith, religion or sex.

Recently I talked to His Holiness the Pope, who visited the Holy Land. He also subscribes to this matter of utmost importance, because we all have one God.
Coincidentally, for the visit of His Holiness the Pope to our country, our scientists have developed a new variety of wheat with four cones. This variety was named “enriched wheat”. I believe that it will be better for people to deal with enriching wheat, rather than uranium.

Many religious leaders of Islam also expressed the concern regarding appalling correlation between religion and terror. And my friend, the Chief Rabbi of Israel, who is present here, also strongly disapproved of those who mentioned God's name in vain and called for killing of innocent people in God's name.

Thousands if not millions, of Muslims died by the hand of extremists, calling for it in the name of Allah. In the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists and atheists died, all at once lost their lives.

Maintenance of interreligious relations, and establishing mutual understanding and friendly relations are of vital importance not only in the field of interreligious relations, but also in religious understanding of the God.

Here, the question always arises: Did the God created the man in Hid image and likeness, or the man is creating the God for himself God in his own questionable image? Should we accept the moral standards of the God, or to take our personal desires and ascribe them to the God?

The true concept is concluded in that God created human beings in His image and likeness, he created them equal, and none of us has the right to identify themselves as the higher power.

Only God, the Creator of the man has the right to grant him life. Those who can not give life, and can not take it away.

The God did not have partners in creation of the world, consequently there is no one who could declare the war against his creations.

Bolshevism advocated atheism, the ideology of life without the God. Proponents of this ideology believed that it is possible to achieve social justice, without moral values of the God.

Bolshevism, in my view, failed to achieve justice, it could not overthrow the God.

It would be difficult for mankind to live without the God, God's justice and peace.

Our Sixth Commandment represents the most important point, around which there is a struggle in the twenty-first century. It reads: “Thou shalt not kill.”

You know, Bible Study for the book of Leviticus says, “Love your neighbor as yourself. I am your Lord. “

The keynote of our religion is the truth: “All men are created in the image and likeness of the God.”

We need to raise voices in protest, reject bigotry, to speak out against all those who preach hatred and conflict. Their so-called god - this is not our God. Their religion - it is not our religion.

Support and promotion of peace initiatives is our response to them.

We are aware of significant changes that have occurred in the position of most Arab countries regarding peace negotiations with Israel: the transition from three Khartoum “no” - no negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no peace with Israel – to the three “yes” of the Saudi Initiatives. King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Abdullah II has clearly defined the commitment to peace between the State of Israel and 57 Arab and Muslim countries.

Hence, from this rostrum, with your permission, Mr. President, I appeal to the King of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the initiator of the Arab Peace Program. I appeal to meet in Jerusalem, or Riyadh, or come to Kazakhstan, together with other leaders of Arab countries to implement your idea, your vision and the vision of all believers of our common God of peace and justice.

Together with the participants of this prestigious conference, we need to offer hand of each other in the spirit of mutual commitment, and say prayers for peace and prosperity of people all around the world, for peace and brotherhood among people, for freedom, human health and welfare, social justice and progress, while respecting the unique spiritual heritage of each with all the differences of this heritage.

We have the right to be equal and to be different. Then we will melt swords into plowshares, and wars will always be the lot of the past. So be it, amen!
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