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ImageDistinguished guests! Dear Mr. President Nazarbayev!

With your permission I would like to bless all the participants of the forum in the name of the God, the Creator of the world, the Creator of all those who live in this world, people of different nationalities and different opinions. Our Creator entrusted us to live in peace, tranquility and harmony. And we have to administer His will, that's our problem. Our main objective, we determined that the Lord God Almighty, - to strive for peace, love peace and apply best efforts to reach peace on the Earth.

The President of this State has decided (let his decision be blessed) not only to hold conversations, but also to take some practical steps to gather here representatives from all over the world, representatives of different religions to give them the opportunity to discuss the urgent problems and seek the path to peace together. We are very pleased with his initiative. We and all the other representatives did not come here to relax and have fun, but because we are motivated by a genuine desire to achieve peace. It is our duty before the God, and we can not neglect this duty.

Dear friends, the leaders of world religions! We face many perils, each person in the world faces perils, and these perils do not make any distinctions between members of different nations, different communities, different religions. As stated in the Gemara, the butcher is permitted to kill, and he does not make any distinctions between those whom he kills. We face such perils as disease, death, and these perils may be the most horrible, severe illness, traffic accidents, accidents and other encompassing perils. However we know that the prophets said that all of it did not happen by chance, but by the will of the God, who created the man and told him to keep the commandments and love his neighbor, to comply with those covenants which he had received from his fathers, to go the way of righteousness, not by the way of sin. If we change the way of righteousness to the way of sin, we are likely to bring all these tragedies and perils not only to themselves but to other inhabitants of the Earth.
There are commandments that are common to all religions, and no one can neglect them, including - respect for the man who created the image and likeness of the God. We are obliged to respect each human being simply because he is the man, regardless of who he is by birth, religion and so on. And nothing can allow us to treat with contempt human dignity, because the man - is the creation of the God.

Respect for the man entails execution of other commandments, equally to all religions. For example, a ban on slaughter, which is the most terrible crime in the world. There is no religion in the world, which would allow to shed innocent human blood. And we, the representatives of different religions are making a lot of effort to make these principles to be sacred to each person.

Today, in our time, unfortunately, many ignore the commandment on recognition of dignity and respect of human to human. Now, unfortunately, many people behave as before was impossible, people do not know what means shame. And unfortunately, now this trend is visible all over the world, across all religions. This brings new and new perols to our world. Now the world do things, which could be considered as a crime and a sin from the point of view of any religion is. But it happens all over the world.

So I repeat and emphasize that our two religions have much in common, and we must save the world, save our communities, the whole mankind, the whole world. All together, by joint efforts, we should devote our thoughts not to the issue how to destroy our world, but how to build peace, restore it. It is the duty of every person and especially every executive, every leader, because each executive, and in particular a religious leader, is entrusted with special responsibilities. He must do not only what he likes, and talk not only about what everybody likes and wants to hear, sometimes you have to talk about such things which not everybody likes. But it's true, you need to tell the truth concerning all of those things which will help people no longer to follow the path of sin, and to take the path of justice, the path of righteousness.

In our generation we have seen how fear has actually prevailed all over the world and courage has left us. And now everyone is trying to tell things just to show his partiality to his coreligionists, his communities, only what they might like, rather than to lead them and to insist on the truth. We act so that our communities follow the way that we choose as the most suitable, and this is not always the right way. This is a huge mistake, our history will blame us if we do not realize our responsibility and will not express opposition to all those negative aspects, which are distributed throughout the world today. We must remember that the God will judge every man according to his deeds. Namely this Supreme Court will assess our deeds. All religious leaders must remember that we will have to account to the God, the Supreme Court.

When some leader is asked about the way he used that authority that you have received as part of its mission, he could answer he did not acquire this authority, the mission for some money, he was chosen by the God, that he entrusted him with such a responsibility. When the God entrusts any person with such a responsibility, it calls on this person to fulfill his duties. Of course, we should listen out for what the God tells us. When we try to seek for the truth in its deepest sense, we realize the will of the God, the great responsibility that is imposed on us. And our duty is to carry out this significant mission, otherwise, we commit sin in the face of the God, because we do not fulfill what he commanded us, we commit sin before our people. We must think and reassess the values. And, perhaps, such a meeting and the Congress are the best way, the best opportunity to break down barriers that divide us and cause many of crises and conflicts in the world. The fact that we are here for this “round table”, and can look into eyes of each other, of course, is of great importance.

Lets the God bless the President of Kazakhstan for this excellent initiative. But I think that this should not be satisfied with what already has been achieved, we could achieve much more. Showing courage and sincerity, first of all, towards ourselves, choosing the withdrawal of mutual charges, we choose the path of the truth. Indeed, it is usually easier to say that someone is guilty, but not me. Because it's easier just to justify ourselves by blaming someone else. This is typical for those who never followed the path of wisdom and truth.

The real wiseman should rise his eyes to the heaven and perceive the finger of the God, pray for His guidance. As in his time, King David said that the God showed him the true way. He asked the God to show him the right way, and he would follow that way and the truth. Indeed, everyone thinks that his way is only right and fair way. But the man, following this principles, commits numerous errors. As a result, you may realize that all the years he lived, being misled, but someone, who understands immensity of the truth, his insignificance in the face of the God, always applies for the supreme guidance to the God and reaches His hearing, find a righteous way. We must apply all efforts for peace, for the benefit of mankind, each our nationals-coreligionists, do everything we can to reinforce our courage, our responsibility, to be able to carry this burden, not trying to shirk those responsibilities, entrusted to us. The God judge our hearts, He sees everything that happens in our hearts and knows that whether we speak the truth or lie. Something real can arise from the truth only. Our sages wrote about this, as well as Maimonides. He wrote that people should avoid lying in all its manifestations. The golden mean is probably the ideal way to avoid the use of lie and move along the true way, each in its own way, each in his own prayer.

We turn our gaze to the God, we can beg for mercy, we can ask him to stop wars, epidemics in the world, terrible earthquakes, natural disasters, diseases and starvation, bless everybody and sanctify our hearts. As King David requested in his time, who said that the God has sanctified his heart. The God will give us peace, only if we offer these prayers together.
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