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ImageGeneral Secretary of the Global Islamic League

Abdallah Ben Abdel Mohsen At-Turki was born on 4 August 1940 in Er-Riyadh Province. In 1963 he graduated from the Sharia College in Er-Riad and received the bachelor's degree in Islamic Law. In 1969 he graduated from the Higher Law Institute in Er-Riad and obtained the Master's degree, and in 1972 in Al-Azhar University (Cairo) he defended thesis on Islamic jurisprudence foundations.

From 1961 to 1969 he was the Teacher of the Higher Scientific Institute, as well as the Dean of one of the faculties in this institute, he was elected as a member of the academic council of Sharia College in Er-Riad. From 1969 to 1975 he was the Dean of the Arab Language College in Er-Riad. In 1975 he gained the post of Provost, and later the Rector of Islamic University named after Imam Mohammad Ben Sauda. In 1995 he was appointed as the Minister on Islam affairs, vakufs, appeal and moral, mentor of the Fahda King's Koran printing unit. From 1999 to 2000 he is the Advisor in the Office as the Minister without the portfolio. From 2000 to date he is the General Secretary of the Global Islamic League.

A.At-Turki has numerous publications and scientific studies in the area of Islamic studies, Sharia and Arab language. A.At-Turki was the editor for the publication of the encyclopedia of the Prophet's hadithes, several textbooks and didactic materials for universities.

A.At-Turki, besides the Global Islamic League and its structural subdivisions, is also the leader of a few regional and international non-governmental Islamic organizations and is the chairman of the following institutions:

- League of Islamic Universities;

- Council of general secretaries of the university named after King Feisal in Chad;

- Global Islamic Council in London;

- Association of Islamic Universities;

- Council of general secretaries of the Islamic Centre in Edinburgh;

- Committee of Planning, Methodology of the World Islamic University in Islamabad;

- Support Fund of Islamic Universities, Supreme Council on Islam Affairs in Cairo;

- World Islamic Council of Appeal and Salvation etc.

A.At-Turki has great respect in Islamic world. He sticks to moderate views in interpretation of Islam law. In this regard, his words that the Global Islamic League is not a political organization are noble. This is a non-governmental organization uniting Islamic peoples and Islamic minorities. He also stated: "Our principle is the principle of balance and sound decisions. We criticize terror both of a person and of the group of people or the state. Islam does not allow killing people, does not permit to terrify them and to make evil faultless. We always appeal for settlement of disputes peacefully and by means of negotiations".

A.At-Turki is a good partner in conversation; he can convince listeners; he possesses good organization capacities, he has respect amongst Islamic noble people both in Saudi Arabia and in the Moslem world in general. Under his leadership GIL has good relations with various international organizations including UN, OIC, IDB etc.

He has a positive opinion about internal and external policy of Kazakhstan; he encourages development of close ties with the country in spiritual regard. A.At-Turki took part in the international scientific conference "Islam in Central Asia: History and Modernity" organized by Almaty State University named after Abai in August 2002.

From 23 to 24 September 2003 in Astana, A.At-Turki took an active part in the work of the First Session of the leaders of global and traditional religions. The general secretary of GIL made useful proposals for the final document of the Session. Within the activity of the specified international forum, the General Secretary of GIL A.At-Turki was accepted by the President of RK N.A.Nazarbayev.

On 26 September 2003 in Almaty, the General Secretary of GIL participated in the ceremony of the stone foundation for the construction of the future Cultural Centre of Holder of Two Sanctuaries of King Fahda Ben Abdel Aziz at Almaty National State University named after Abai.

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