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ImageSpeech of Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi, Ex-President of the International Islamic University of Pakistan

Bismillakhi rakhmani ir-rakhim. In the name of Gracious and Merciful Allah!

First of all on my behalf and on behalf of my colleagues, members of delegation of Pakistan, I would like to express my profound gratitude to His Excellency Mr. President Nursultan Nazarbayev and to his Government, his people for the given opportunity to exchange opinions on matters interesting to all humanity. We thank for the efforts applied by Kazakhstan for a dialogue - the dialogue between religions.

Mr. Chairman,

This movement is already old, which had already begun long ago. However, from this noble initiative you have opened a new stage of this movement. It has become a history of creation and development. I think that inter-religious dialogue should join the dialogue of civilization, the dialogue of cultures on mutual understanding between major civilizations, which are submitted by these religions and faiths.

The religion plays the greatest role in creation of the largest civilizations, which took place and were based on religions. The basis of these major civilizations was founded by religions: the Roman, Indian, Chinese, Islamic civilizations. All these civilizations emerged from religion and culture, which were distributed by prophets and envoys and by religious figures and founders of these religions. Therefore inter-religious dialogue should be a dialogue between civilizations and cultures.

Islam offers a system, which combines morals and laws. And it is difficult to limit followers of Islam to one dialogue between religious figures if it will not extend to cover art workers, if morals and laws are not respected. Especially Islam appeals to the combination of this life with the second life, which comes after death. A Moslem five times a day prays Allah, to be given a blessing in this life and in the second. The dialogue should combine all needs of this world and the other life.

In order to carry out a successful dialogue between religions, religions should be respectful to each other. It is impossible to impose one civilization on another, one culture on another. Education, mass media, world economy - all these represent a concrete civilization. Modern curricula, world mass media, principles of prevailing economy proceed from the western civilization.

 Finally all these questions are in use to one civilization at the expense of others. It should not be such, if we aspire to peaceful co-existence between followers of different religions and cultures. The depreciation of one civilization, its attempt to change others results in depreciation of religion of this civilization. Globalization of culture and civilization is striving to liquidation of some civilizations. All of us are sons of Abraham, may Allah bless him. All of us adhere to his faith. It is told in Koran that Abraham was neither Jewish, nor Christian but was not a Moslem. More than 14 centuries ago the Koran called for peaceful co-existence. In the Sacred Book it is told that: "let's worship to one God".

We have been invited to the Congress and the President, His Excellency Nursultan Nazarbayev, has made this great appeal. This initiative should be supported and approved by the world for maintaining peace and interaction between different religions. It is a good initiative. Therefore we offer candidacy of Nursultan Nazarbayev for the award of Peace Prize.

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